Collaborative Solutions

QS Energy combines scientific research with innovative problem-solving to serve the real world needs of today’s energy industry. Our core strength is in working collaboratively with our customers to design, develop, manufacture and implement cutting-edge solutions for real-world assets and integrated systems. The success of our company is based on serving the needs of customers with our scientific, manufacturing partners and top tier customers to bring new solutions to the energy industry.

AOT™ Viscosity Reduction System

QS Energy’s AOT™ is a suite of commercial crude oil pipeline flow assurance products designed to be installed at pipeline pump stations in the upstream, gathering and midstream sectors. Engineered in response to pipeline capacity challenges, AOT™ technology delivers performance that can be measured in each of the areas of importance in the movement hydrocarbon stream from reservoir to the point of sale.

AOT™ is designed for the following benefits:

  • Increased maximum flow rates
  • Reduced pump station power consumption
  • Optimized flow assurance
  • Enhanced pipeline integrity
  • Bottleneck prevention

Energy production on all five continents is accelerating due to new technologies in the upstream exploration and production side at an unprecedented rate. To meet the rigorous demands of this rapid growth, flow assurance technologies play an increasingly critical role in transporting the expanding production rates from wellhead to refinery. QS Energy works within the multi-billion dollar oil and energy industries to provide innovations such as our AOT™ solid-state viscosity reduction equipment to the upstream and midstream markets. We work with top-quality manufacturing service providers to fabricate equipment to meet the highest standards of inspection and Quality Controls within the industry. Contact us to learn more.

Our manufacturing meets all necessary codes and regulatory compliance for use in hazardous location Class 1, Div. I. rated areas.