The landscape has changed. Today’s global energy industry is evolving and expanding rapidly, as conventional energy exploration, extraction and transportation entities apply new technology and equipment to unlock new unconventional production fields world-wide. We work directly with energy industry players around the world to provide effective, cost-efficient and innovative product solutions to meet the rigorous demands of this new growth.


The world changed in 2007, although few realized it at the time. Innovative, highly effective exploration and production techniques beginning in the mid 2000s made previously unrecoverable assets viable for the first time. With these new plays coming online they have fundamentally recast North America as a dominant global energy supplier. Through the prism of this new reality it is now widely recognized that the United States is home to some of the world’s largest conventional and unconventional reserves, setting the nation on the road to energy independence for the first time in decades.

These new developments are driving an unprecedented surge in production, which is flattening the world energy markets. New technologies, products and methodologies are being adopted every day as producers seek streamlined transportation to bring their surging production to market. As a technology incubator to the energy industry, QS Energy is intimately involved with our customers and manufacturing partners in this new energy revolution.