STWA Partners With Haven Technology Solutions in Joint Development of Next Generation Pipeline Flow Management Technology

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AOT Viscosity Reduction System and STWA Joule Heat to Be Tested With Haven's Patented Flow Regime Management System for Industry's First Full Flow Multiphase Separation Solution

SANTA BARBARA, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 10/27/14 -- Save The World Air, Inc., d/b/a STWA (the "Company") (OTCQB: ZERO), a developer of integrated viscosity reduction and joule heat solutions for the energy industry, announced today that it has entered into a joint development agreement with Haven Technology Solutions, a research firm specializing in flow regime management technologies for the global energy industry. Testing to be conducted at the Haven flow-loop research facility in Magnolia, Texas, will incorporate Haven's patented Flow Regime Management systems (FRMs™) as an advanced separation solution in conjunction with STWA's AOT™ Viscosity Reduction System and STWA Joule Heat pipeline flow assurance equipment.

Executives of both companies say they expect the project to yield a hybrid system optimized to separate commingled fluids under full flow and multiphase conditions, a capability with widespread commercial applications due to historic levels of upstream condensate production. Lighter than crude but heavier than liquid natural gas, condensates or ultra-light oils are one of the industry's fastest growing segments as a result of enhanced oil and gas recovery techniques used to extract previously unrecoverable resources from shale formations.

"Working with the team at Haven Technology Solutions creates an opportunity to deliver high value solutions for extracting gas or water from the industry's pipelines that are currently moving unprecedented volumes of upstream production," commented Gregg Bigger, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of STWA, Inc. "Virtually every producer and transportation entity in the industry would benefit from an ability to extract entrained gas or fluids during full flow conditions without a reduction in volumetric flow rate."

Haven's flagship technology, FRM Two-Phase Full Flow system for the separation of gas and liquids, are currently in use in the maritime market providing an innovative solution for gas void fraction elimination. According to Haven Technology Solutions officials, Flow Regime Management technologies can provide numerous benefits for a variety of applications and industries. In partnering with STWA, the Magnolia, Texas-based company intends to pursue commercial applications of its multiphase separation and metering solutions in the upstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry.

"Our proven technologies are ideally suited to complement STWA's position as a leader in highly effective clean tech viscosity reduction solutions by incorporating a native ability to stratify and collect fluid condensates and manage the process without hindering flow," stated David J. Elms, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Haven Technology Solutions. "By solving fundamental pipeline flow challenges at this time of historic upstream production, Haven and STWA can deliver unparalleled benefits to operators, including higher production rates, a greatly reduced footprint at the well site and a decreased impact on the environment."

Mr. Elms added that the Haven Flow Regime Management system is the industry's first full flow multiphase separation method specifically engineered to split commingled fluid phases into individual oil and water streams without disruption or delay in the flow of feedstock.

STWA is the developer of two types of patent-protected industrial equipment designed to deliver measurable performance improvements to crude pipeline infrastructures:

STWA Joule Heat is a compact and highly efficient non-resistive core heating solution for pipelines designed to deliver optimal heat conductivity and performance with less power and in a smaller form factor than other less energy efficient systems in use.

AOT™ Viscosity Reduction System lowers the viscosity of crude oil for less drag resistance, speeding the flow of oil and achieving greater operational efficiencies. Once deployed on pipeline pumping stations, oil production and transportation companies benefit from the safer, more cost-effective delivery of greater volumes of oil while reducing energy consumption at pumping stations and lowering CO2 emissions.

"Both STWA and Haven offer solutions that are extremely versatile in the kinds of flow management problems they address and are adaptable to a wide variety of fluids and pipeline infrastructures," Mr. Bigger added. "As vendors of operational optimization technologies to the global energy industry, we jointly look forward to contributing to the industry's commitment of setting new standards in responsible, energy-efficient and environmentally sound production of the world's energy resources."

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About Haven Technology Solutions
Based in Magnolia, Texas, Haven Technology Solutions, LLC is a research and development company providing innovative and patented flow regime management technologies for a variety of applications and industries including the global energy sector. The engineers at Haven identify applications for improved flow management opportunities typically associated with the need to stratify and collect entrained fluids or gases from commingled liquid or gas feedstock. Haven's patent protected Flow Regime Management systems (FRMs™) can be widely used in the oil and gas industry for onshore and offshore drilling, horizontal refinery and production lines, natural gas wells and a variety of multiphase and metering applications across many disciplines.

About STWA, Inc.
STWA, Inc. (Save the World Air, Inc.) STWA, Inc. develops integrated viscosity reduction and joule heat solutions designed to deliver operational benefits to the global energy industry. As a trusted partner and certified supplier to oil producers and transporters here in North America and globally, STWA designs and manufactures industrial-grade equipment for improving the efficiencies and economics of the upstream, gathering and midstream energy sectors. During the recent unprecedented expansion of the energy industry made possible by enhanced crude recovery techniques, STWA has diligently prepared a stable, robust foundation for growth, and is currently entering the market collaboratively with several leading entities within this market. More information is available at: STWA, Inc.

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