STWA Announces Strategic Partnerships for Investor Relations and Investment Banking

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SANTA BARBARA, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 07/08/14 -- STWA, Inc. (OTCQB: ZERO), a developer of integrated solutions for the energy industry, announced today strategic partnerships for investor relations, corporate communications and investment banking with Stonegate Securities and McGuinness Communications. These partnerships leverage a wealth of experience to fuel STWA's emerging recognition as a technology innovator in the oil production industry.

"We've worked very diligently over the course of the last two years to develop, deploy and monetize our applied oil technology, or AOT product, which is designed to improve the flow of oil and reduce bottlenecks in order to optimize the performance and safety of crude oil pipelines," said Gregg Bigger, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. "We are now ready to market our success and report regularly on our progress with the same high standards and attention to quality that we applied to rebuilding the Company, including its board of directors and business relationships.

"It was paramount that we engage high caliber, industry professionals with well regarded reputations and proven track records working with Wall Street and the financial media," added Mr. Bigger. "Therefore, I am very pleased to be working with McGuinness Communications and Stonegate to bring our story to the industry and community at large."

About Stonegate Securities
Stonegate Securities is a 40-year old research and investment banking firm. Their research covers companies in a variety of industries and is distributed to their network of institutional investors. Based in Dallas, Texas, Stonegate's primary focus is assisting small cap companies achieve financial goals. Stonegate's primary areas of service include research, sales and trading, corporate finance, strategic advisory and investor relations services to a select group of companies.

About McGuinness Communications
McGuinness Communications has a proven track record of maximizing shareholder value by enhancing company marketability and attractiveness and leveraging relationships with Wall Street's portfolio managers, securities analysts and investment banks. McGuinness Communications partners with company leadership teams to create an integrated approach to all communications because valuation is influenced not only by financial performance but by consistency of information, transparency, accessibility and reputation.

Safe Harbor Statement:
Some of the statements in this release may constitute forward-looking statements under federal securities laws. Please visit the following link for our complete cautionary forward-looking statement: STWA Safe Harbor

About STWA, Inc.
STWA, Inc. (Save the World Air, Inc.) STWA, Inc. is a developer and vendor of commercial flow assurance solutions designed to deliver operational benefits to the global energy industry. As a trusted partner and certified supplier to oil producers and transporters here in North America and globally, STWA designs and manufactures industrial-grade equipment for improving the efficiencies and economics of the upstream, gathering and midstream energy sectors. During the recent unprecedented expansion of the energy industry made possible by enhanced crude recovery techniques, STWA has diligently prepared a stable, robust foundation for growth, and is currently entering the market collaboratively with several leading entities within this market. More information is available at: STWA, Inc.

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