STWA's AOT™ Prototype to Be Tested by U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE) at Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center Site for Strategic Advantage Feasibility

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Pipeline Technology Addresses Growing Market for Efficient and Cost-Effective Crude Oil Transport and Delivery

SANTA BARBARA, CA--(Marketwire - September 3, 2010) - STWA, Inc. (OTCBB: ZERO) ("STWA" or the "Company"), an innovative technology company focused on improving the efficiency of large-scale energy transportation networks and reducing fuel consumption and emissions in diesel fleets, today provided an overview of its Applied Oil Technology (AOT™) for supplemental viscosity reduction following its announcement yesterday that it has scheduled an initial site visit for mid-September with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) at the Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center (RMOTC) in Casper, Wyoming.

STWA's AOT™ is a new technology for reducing crude oil's viscosity that can lead to more efficient oil pipelines and crude oil transportation for land-based and maritime pipeline operators by reducing both operation and fuel consumption costs. While current technology includes heating crude oil to reduce its viscosity, and/or injecting Drag Reducing Agent (DRA) to reduce turbulence, AOT™ employs an electric field to achieve viscosity reduction, which requires much less energy than heat. By reducing the viscosity of crude oil and its derivatives, STWA's AOT™ technology enables crude oil pipelines to operate more effectively, increasing daily throughput capacity and reducing power requirements and the need for expensive chemical additives.

STWA Management is scheduled to meet with representatives from the DOE's RMOTC and its source manufacturer to review pre-installation of the Company's AOT™ technology. The DOE is evaluating AOT™ to determine accurately its value to the pipeline industry.

Under the testing Proposal, STWA and the RMOTC will test the Company's AOT™ technology in a product prototype under real world conditions through an active 3.8 mile pipeline with sampling access points and RMOTC staff to assist in configuring and executing the project. Government testing will provide empirical results on the effects and benefits of AOT™ in the pipeline marketplace. This preliminary site visit at the RMOTC is designed to solidify details and specifics with all parties involved pertaining to the upcoming tests.

"The relevance of AOT's impact on the global energy supply delivery industry is enormous," stated Mr. Cecil Bond Kyte, Chairman and CEO of STWA, Inc. "The fact that the U.S. DOE will test with us at the RMOTC is extremely relevant to introduce this technology at the highest public and private levels. At its core, AOT™ is an advanced viscosity reduction technology that can be applied to petrochemical delivery systems worldwide to enhance pipeline integrity, efficiency, and risk-management to achieve a reduced level of environmental liability. This could also provide a global security advantage in its ability for pipelines to run at greater capacity without major capital outlays. The impact of this one feature alone is of national interest," concluded Mr. Kyte.

About STWA, Inc.

STWA, Inc. (OTCBB: ZERO) is an innovative company creating technology focused on energy efficiency of large-scale energy production and improved fuel economy for diesel fleets. The Company's Patented and Patent Pending technologies, including AOT™ (Applied Oil Technology), under development with Temple University, and ELEKTRA™ (for Improved Diesel Engine Efficiency), provide efficient and cost-effective means of improving the efficacy of crude oil transport and diesel engine efficiency to assist in meeting global increasing energy demands and emission quality standards. Applications include: AOT™ Crude oil extraction & delivery systems, including oil platforms, oil fields and pipeline transmission systems, and (ELEKTRA™) Diesel trucks, trains, marine vessels, military fleets and jet turbines.

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About the RMOTC

The Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center (RMOTC) is an energy testing center that partners with industry to test new ideas and products that lead to increased recovery or reduced operating costs. RMOTC's test site is a 10,000-acre U.S. Department of Energy facility located within Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 3 (NPR-3), also known as Teapot Dome Oil Field, about 35 miles north of Casper, Wyoming. The RMOTC serves as a testing center for Independent Oil Producers, inventors, environmental companies, national laboratories, and government organizations. For more information on the RMOTC, please visit

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