STWA Investor Brief on Testing at Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 3

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Overview of Pending Harsh Environment Testing at U.S. Department of Energy's RMOTC

SANTA BARBARA, CA--(Marketwire - September 28, 2010) -  STWA, Inc. (OTCBB: ZERO) ("STWA" or the "Company"), an innovative company creating technology focused on energy efficiency of large-scale energy production and improved fuel economy for diesel fleets, has today published online an Investor Brief for the upcoming Harsh Environment Applied Oil Technology Testing with the U.S. Department of Energy.

The Investor Brief provides a summary and overview of the upcoming tests to commence at the U.S. Department of Energy's RMOTC facility within the Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 3 (NPR-3) located 35 miles north of Casper, WY.

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The Harsh Environment Facility is functionally described as "Deepwater on Land." Located at the Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 3 (NPR-3), the facility was constructed in 1999 in order to recreate subsea temperatures and conditions for testing of new technology such as STWA's Applied Oil Technology ("AOT™"). STWA, Inc. aims to provide a turnkey solution to make petroleum transport providers and wholesalers more efficient and profitable, and the testing at this facility is to generate relevant technical data under controlled, field-scale conditions.

The data gathered from the testing provides information, which is used to determine value and pricing of STWA's Applied Oil Technology (AOT™) for the marketplace. The next steps are for the U.S. Department of Energy contractor field operations personnel to finish retrofitting parts of the testing facility to allow the testing to proceed, and the source manufacturer to finish building and rigorously testing the AOT™ prototype. Progress is being watched by interested parties in both the public and private sectors for the benefits that STWA's Applied Oil Technology (AOT™) can provide.

STWA CEO Cecil Kyte stated: "This Investor Brief was created to provide some insight and relevance for our investors and key players of what this important testing is all about. Use of this particular testing facility, which is able to simulate the harsh conditions experienced in the field, is very important for us. The data yielded from these upcoming tests is what our key potential customers want to see from us. We have prepared the testing process in conjunction with potential customers and source manufacturer and have set ourselves an ambitious timeline to deliver some, if not all of these results to them by the end of the year."

About STWA, Inc.

STWA, Inc. (OTCBB: ZERO) is an innovative company creating technology focused on energy efficiency of large-scale energy production and improved fuel economy for diesel fleets. The Company's Patented and Patent Pending technologies, including AOT™ (Applied Oil Technology), under development with Temple University, and ELEKTRA™ (for Improved Diesel Engine Efficiency), provide efficient and cost-effective means of improving the efficacy of crude oil transport and diesel engine efficiency to assist in meeting global increasing energy demands and emission quality standards. Applications include: (AOT™) Crude oil extraction & delivery systems, including oil platforms, oil fields and pipeline transmission systems. (ELEKTRA™) Diesel trucks, trains, marine vessels, military fleets and jet turbines.

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