STWA Announces Preliminary AOT(TM) Test Results From Southern Research Institute

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SANTA BARBARA, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 05/21/15 -- Save The World Air, Inc., d/b/a STWA (the "Company") (OTCQX: ZERO), a developer of integrated technology solutions for the energy industry, today provided updates on testing of its Applied Oil Technology™ (AOT™) system for a major North American crude oil and condensate pipeline, conducted in conjunction with Southern Research Institute ("SRI").

As previously disclosed, the Company has established a lease agreement with a leading North American midstream operator for testing of AOT's viscosity reduction capabilities for a condensate and crude oil pipeline in the Eagle Ford, Texas. This marks the first time the AOT solution will be utilized for condensate viscosity reduction. As such, STWA has engaged SRI as an independent, third-party testing partner for additional validation of AOT's ability to reduce viscosity and improve takeaway capacity for petroleum pipelines.

The initial off-gas testing of AOT's impact on condensate was conducted in SRI's Birmingham, Alabama research facility, with STWA engineers supporting the process throughout. During Phase I of this testing, which is now complete, SRI sought to determine the safety of using the AOT technology's unique process on condensate in a controlled, laboratory environment. AOT's application of a high-intensity electric field to condensate is unprecedented, and SRI conducted tests to determine the feedstock's stability when the process is applied. The final Phase of testing, Phase II, will measure viscosity reduction of condensate in a closed-loop system utilizing AOT.

The Phase I results were highly successful, as the condensate upon which AOT's electrical field was applied did not exhibit any adverse or dangerous reactions. SRI found that use of AOT on condensate did not lead to a high enough concentration of methane, ethane or hydrogen emissions to combust in the air. In order to test the limits of electrical field application to condensate, SRI used AOT's maximum voltage during a portion of the tests. Even with increased electricity flowing through the feedstock, the tested condensate remained completely stable, proving that AOT can be safely used on the fluid even in extreme circumstances.

Greggory Bigger, STWA Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, commented, "Establishing legitimacy for our technology with globally respected, independent third-party organizations such as SRI is critical as we make strides in moving from R&D to commercialization. Safety and efficacy are of paramount importance in the energy space, and must be ensured as we bring our products to market and for our business development efforts with a variety of new opportunities, both here in the U.S. and abroad. Our application of AOT's viscosity reducing electric field to condensate is revolutionary, and SRI's Phase I testing proves that the process is safe even under maximum voltage conditions."

SRI and STWA are now turning to Phase II testing, which will again occur in SRI's Birmingham facility and is set to begin in June. Phase II is expected to last no more than two weeks, and as such STWA expects to receive the final results near the end of the second quarter, 2015.

Mr. Bigger continued, "Recently, our research partners at Temple University reported study findings indicating that AOT successfully reduces viscosity for a wide variety of petroleum fluids, including condensate, and we remain optimistic that SRI's Phase II testing will yield similar results. We hope to continue our relationship with SRI for all applicable initiatives moving forward, given their position as an advanced, engineering research firm for the energy space. As we look ahead to the promising potential of new technology deployments, partnering with an industry-leading, third-party entity like SRI will establish the credibility and reliability necessary to move forward to commercialization."

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